Monday, 18 May 2009

Demo Game - Move 1

French infantry in and either side of Helmstedt, artillery on right. French reserve, still on blind, behind the town.


Blucher has created a cavalry reserve as follows:

hussar brigade from 1 corps

dragoon brigade from 4 corps

artillery from 2 corps (which now becomes horse artillery)

His has deployed his corps as follows;

1 corps (chip 8) – gifted commander - right flank

2 corps (chip 9) – average commander - centre right

3 corps (chip 10) – average commander - centre left

4 corps (chip 11) – poor commander - left flank

Reserve (chip 12) – average commander - far right flank

His plan of battle is as follows:

1 corps and cavalry reserve will advance on right flank

2 and 3 corps will advance in centre but await developments

4 corps will advance on left as far as broken ground

His intention is to attack with his right

Exploit any success with his centre

Hold with his left


Left - 4 Prussian corps (still on blind) advance towards T junction, which is held by French blind. Prussian CinC keeping an eye on 4 corps commander.

Centre - 3 Prussian corps on the left, and 3 Prussian corps on the right, advance towards Helmtedt. There is one French blind in and around the town, and two in support behind.

Right - 1 Prussian corps on the left, and Prussian reserve cavalry on the right, advance towards Wolfsburg road, which is held by 3 French corps.


1 – French – Blind (chip 4)

Orders: Hold right flank

Extend blind

Not spotted

2 – Prussian – Blind (9)

Orders: Move to Helmstedt

Advance and extend blind

Not spotted

3 – French – Blind (chip 3)

Orders: Hold left flank

Extend blind

Spotted and put figures on table

Move cavalry to cover left flank

4 – French – CinC (chip 1)

Stationary this move

Remain with reserve

5 – Prussian – Blind (chip 11)

Orders: Move to broken ground

Advance on blind and extend

Not spotted

6 – Prussian – Blind (chip 8)

Orders: Move to Wolfsburg road

Advance and extend

Spotted put figures on table

7 – French – Blind (chip 2)

Orders: Hold Helmstedt


Note spotted

8 – Prussian – CinC (chip 7)

Near to 4 corps

Stationary this move

9 – Prussian – Blind (chip 12)

Orders: Move to Wolfsburg road

Extend and advance

Spotted put figures on table

10 – French – Blind (chip 5)

Orders: Hold in reserve

Stationary this move

Not spotted

11 – Poor card

12 – French – CinC (chip 1)

Stationary this move

Close to reserve

13 – Prussian – Blind (chip 10)

Orders: Move to Helmstedt


Blucher is concerned that both commands on his right have been spotted

The French are now aware that he has the bulk of his cavalry on his right flank

He is also concerned that there are three sets of blinds, against his two, in the centre

There is at least two, and possibly three, French corps holding the centre.

He is satisfied with progress on his left, and content to remain hidden

Despite this he is content to continue to probe with his right, and attack if given a good opportunity.

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