Saturday, 6 June 2009

Introduction and Amendments to Wargame Rules


I have had a number of enquiries about the rules Jan and I use for the wargames in the campaign. I have sent out about 20 copies so far, but I feel that they are not really "stand alone".

The rules have evolved from various commercial sets that Jan and I have used over the years, with the most recent influence being the very popular LFS.

Just as we designed the 1813 campaign to suit our particular collection of figures, scenery and wargames table, so we have designed the rules to suit our types and numbers of model soldiers plus the type of games we want to play.

These rules will allow you to fight multi corps games with a relatively small number of figures. They are designed to represent an army corps of 20,000 to 30,000 with just 32 infantry, 4 cavalry and 1 gun. If this is not the type of game you are interested in, then I would advise that you read no further!

The rules as they stand are really just a game aid to allow Jan and I to refer to the appropriate rule as the game goes along. They do not attempt to explain why or how. With this blog I hope to be able to do that. I also hope that I may get some useful suggestions back to help us to improve the rules.

So if you have any comments on the rules do drop me a line.

Demo Game - Move 11

Taken from the Prussian right. The French left flank is completely broken, and the 1 Prussian corps and the reserve cavarly are advancing through the gap. The French have lost the battle.


After an initial set back the Prussians have recovered and are in a strong position to win the battle.

The French counter attack came too late, and has met strong resistance.

Most French corps are not on Halt orders, and waiting for new orders from the CinC

The only thing which might save the French now is nightfall.


All Prussian corps are now on attack orders

Blucher is determined to drive the French from the field


Left - 4 corps have cleared the broken ground. The CinC is moving with them to ensure that they press home the attack.

Left centre - 2 corps approach the French line

Right centre - 3 corps has deployed into column and is approaching the French line

Right - The cavalry reserve have broken the French left and are on the flank of the cavalry reserve. Their aritllery is limbered and moving in support. 1 Corps have formed column and are moving to support the cavalry.


Move 1 - French - 4 corps (chip 2)
Orders: Halt
Fire on artillery (4) miss
Bounce through (4) miss
Move infantry back into town

Move 2 - Prussian - 1 corps (chip 8)
Orders: Engage
Move forward, artillery unlimber

Move 3 - Prussian - cavalry reserve (chip 12)
Orders: Engage
Artillery fire on routers who continue rout
Cavalry advance towards town
Artillery limber and support

Move 4 - Prussian - 3 corps (chip 10)
Orders: Engage
All move forward
Test to rally Shaken gun (1), fail, still Shaken

Move 5 - French - 13 corps (chip 5)
Orders: Halt
All infantry form square

Move 6 - Poor Card

Move 7 - French - 6 corps (chip 4)
Orders: Halt
Fire on infantry (9), 1 hit, make morale

Move 8 - French - cavalry reserve (chip 6)
Orders: Hold
Prussian cavalry attempt to opportunity charge (1) fail
Test morale for lancers (1) fail and rout
Hussars test morale (4) pass, disordered
artillery test (2) fail and rout

Move 9 - Prussian - 4 corps (chip 11)
Orders: Engage
Miss move due to Poor Card

Move 10 - Prussian - 2 corps (chip 9)

Orders: Engage
No artillery
Cavalry charge enemy guns, all gunners killed
Fail morale and Pursue into routing lancers - all killed

Move 11 - French - CinC (chip 1)
Move to 13 corps change orders to retreat
Move to 6 corps change orders to retreat

Move 12 - French - 5 corps (chip 3)
Orders: Halt
Try to rally infantry, fail

Move 13 - Prussian - CinC (chip 7)
Give move to 4 corps
Fire on artillery (8) miss
All advance


Left - 5 corps broken and in rout

Left centre - cavalry reserve also broken and in rout

Right centre - under attack from front and flank, just received orders to retereat

Right - holding flank, but have received orders to retreat


The French left and centre are broken and in rout, the left centre and left are withdrawing to cover the rout.

The Prussians have won the battle, but so late in the day are unable to effectively pursue

There would normally be 12 moves in a game, but it is not worth playing as the battle is already decided.