Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Demo Game - Move 3

The Prussian army in review order prior to the battle.


Blucher is very pleased with his right flank

The cavalry reserve are in position to charge, but need new orders

1 corps (his best commander) is well placed to support them

His centre is well placed to pin the enemy, and support when necessary

His left flank is slow, but capable of pinning the enemy


1 corps and cavalry reserve will advance on right flank

2 and 3 corps will advance in centre but await developments

4 corps will advance on left as far as broken ground

His intention is to attack with his right

Exploit any success with his centre

Hold with his left


Left - 4 Prussian corps advance through the broken ground towards the French blind holding the T junction. The cavalry on the right are from 3 corps.

Centre - 3 Prussian corps on the left, and 2 corps on the right, advance towards Helmstedt. The town is held by 4 French corps, with one French blind in reserve. Another blind has advanced to the left of the town, but has not yet been spotted.

Right - 1 Prussian corps is advancing in support of the cavalry. The second brigade from the left has received one casualty. The reserve cavalry are within charge move of 5 French corps, and their artillery has limbered to move up in their support


Move 1 – French – 4 corps (chip 2)

Orders: Hold Helmstedt
Out of artillery range

Extend right of town

Move 2 – Prussian – 1 corps (chip 8)

Orders : move to Wolfsburg road

Artillery fire and hit enemy guns, who make morale

Move reserve infantry forward

Move 3 – French - Blind (chip 4)

Orders: Hold right flank
Stationary this move

Not spotted
Move 4 – Prussian – 3 corps (chip 10)

Orders : move to Helmstedt on left of main road

Move cavalry forward to spot

Move infantry towards Helmstedt

Move 5 – French – 5 corps (chip 3)

Orders: Hold left flank
Artillery fire and hit infantry, who make morale

Infantry on left withdraw, but remain in line

Move 6 – French – CinC (chip 1)

Change orders of blind 6

Moves to join 5 corps on French left

Move 7 – Prussian – 4 corps (chip 11)

Orders : Move to forward edge of broken ground

Move forward into broken ground and spotted

Put figures on table
Move 8 – Prussian - reserve (chip 8)

Orders : move to Wolfsburg road

Cavalry deploy into two lines and move forward

Artillery limber and move forward in support

Note: orders to attack arrive after their move phase

Move 9 – Poor Card

Move 10 – Prussian – 2 corps (chip 9)

Orders : move to Helmstedt on right of main road

Move cavalry back out of artillery range

Move infantry forward towards Helmstedt

Move 11 – French – Blind (chip 6)

Orders:: Move to road right of Helmstedt
Move forward

Not spotted

Move 12 – French – blind (chip 5)

Orders: Move to Helmstedt
Move up behind Helmstedt

Not spotted

Move 13 – Prussian – CinC (chip 12)

Move to right flank

Change reserve cavalry orders to Attack


Left - 5 French corps is deployed in line, except for one brigade on the right who are in square. Their cavalry brigade is on the left, opposed to the approaching Prussian cavalry. Their artillery has received one casualty.

Centre - 4 French corps are in and either side of Helmstedt, with their artillery on the left. There is one French blind to their left, and another in reserve behind the town.

Right - A French blind is deployed either side of the T junction. 3 Prussian corps is approaching directly against them, and 2 Prussian corps on the left.


Blucher is very pleased with developments

His left is keeping the enemy pinned, and advancing slowly

His centre is advancing slowly, but unable to spot enemy

His right is well placed to attack, but orders arrived too late this move.

His intention is to attack on his right and support with his centre

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