Friday, 22 May 2009

Demo Game - Move 5

Distaster on the Prussian right flank. Two cavalry brigades and the horse artillery all in rout having lost melee with single French dragoon brigade. Prussian infantry or 1 corps have formed square.


In one move the situation has changed from excellent to desperate for the Prussians

Cavalry reserve is broken and in rout

Right flank has halted and formed square, awaiting new orders

Centre right has also halted and formed square, awaiting new orders

Centre left is the only corps available to advance

Left flank again failed to move due to Poor Card

Blucher must switch his advance from his right to his left flank if he is to retain the initiative.

His centre can not advance due to superior enemy cavalry and artillery.

His right flank is in disorder and will be lucky to hold.


1 corps will halt and hold the right flank

Cavalry reserve will rally behind 1 corps

2 corps will halt and hold the centre

3 and 4 corps will advance on the left flank

His intention is to attack with his left

Hold with his centre

Hold with his right

Rally cavalry reserve behind right


Prussian Left - Prussian CinC has joined 4 corps to ensure that they move this time. Hussars on their right belong to 3 corps. 6 French corps are deployed either side of the T junction.

Prussian Centre - 3 Prussian corps continue to advance towards Helmstedt. 2 corps have halted and formed square having spotted French cavalry to the right of the town.

Prussian Right - 1 Prussian corps have halted and formed square. The reserve cavalry commander has halted the rout, he has ralled both cavalry brigades and the horse artillery, who are now all Shaken.


Move 1 – Prussian – 2 corps (chip 9)

Orders : Halt

Wait for new orders from CinC

Out of artillery range

Move 2 – French – 6 corps (chip 4)

Orders: Hold right flank
Out of artillery range

Extend infantry line

Move 3 – Prussian – 1 corps (chip 8)

Orders – Halt

Await further orders from CinC

Artillery fire on enemy guns and miss

Infantry form square as no cavalry support

Move 4 – French – 4 corps (chip 3)

Orders: Hold Helmstedt
Fire and hit enemy square, who make morale

Move 5 – Prussian – Prussian CinC (chip 7)

Move to centre and change 3 corps orders to Engage Enemy

Move 6 – Prussian - 3 corps (chip 10)

Orders : engage enemy

Artillery fire on infantry and miss

Infantry move forward

Move 7 – French – 5 corps (chip 3)

Orders: Hold left flank
Artillery fire on enemy guns and miss

Move cavalry back

Move 8 – Prussian – reserve (chip 12)

Orders : Rally and regroup

Dragoons test morale, fail and remain Shaken

Hussars test morale, pass and become Shaken

Artillery test morale, pass and become Shaken

Move 9 – French – French CinC (chip 1)

Move to Blind behind Helmstedt

Move 10 – Blind Card

Move 11 – French - reserve (chip 6)

Orders: Move to road left of Helmstedt
Artillery out of range, manhandle forward

Cavalry move forward to main road
Move 12 – Prussian – 4 corps (chip 11)

Orders : Engage Enemy

Miss move due to Poor card
Move 13 – French – blind (chip 5)

Orders: Hold in reserve
Move to right, not spotted


Left - 5 French corps are on hold orders and therefore unable to take advantage of the Prussian disorder.

Centre - French CinC has joined the reserve behind Helmstedt, and is moving it to the right. 4 corps holds the village, with the cavalry reserve on their left.

Right - 6 corps hold the right flank. The left hand brigade has formed square, and the cavalry have advanced to hold the approaching Prussian cavalry at bay.


Prussian cavalry and artillery very lucky to make morale, but still Shaken

Right flank waiting for orders

Centre right waiting for orders

Centre left ready to advance and Engage enemy

Left again halted due to Poor card, but ready to advance and Engage enemy

Blucher has managed to issue fresh orders to engage with his left flank

Centre waiting for orders, but unable to advance due to stronger enemy

Right looking better, but cavalry still Shaken

The Prussians are fortunate that the French have not yet reacted to disaster on the right. This might be due to indecision by the French CinC or insufficient command Pips to issue necessary orders.

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