Saturday, 23 May 2009

Demo Game - Move 6

Taken from Prussian right flank. The French army are deployed along the Wolfsburg road, with Helmstedt in the centre. The Prussian right wing is in disorder and trying to rally. The centre has halted and the left wing slow to advance.


Prussian cavalry and artillery very lucky to make morale, but still Shaken

Right flank waiting for orders

Centre right waiting for orders

Centre left ready to advance and Engage enemy

Left again halted due to Poor card, but ready to advance and Engage enemy

Blucher has managed to issue fresh orders to engage with his left flank

Centre waiting for orders, but unable to advance due to stronger enemy

Right looking better, but cavalry still Shaken

The Prussians are fortunate that the French have not yet reacted to disaster on the right. This might be due to indecision by the French CinC or insufficient command Pips to issue necessary orders.


1 corps will hold the right flank

Cavalry reserve will rally behind 1 corps

2 corps will hold the centre

3 and 4 corps will engage enemy on left flank

His intention is to attack with his left

Hold his centre

Hold and really his right


Left - 4 corps has a Poor commander, who has failed to move a couple of times. Blucher has moved to his side to ensure that he moves this time.

Left centre - 2 corps is advancing towards Helmstedt

Right centre - 3 corps has taken casualties and has the French cavalry reserve opposite them. Their commander has changed his orders to Halt, formed his infantry in square and withdrawn out of artillery range.

Right - Commander 1 corps has changed his orders to Halt, and is holding his own. The cavalry commander has rallied his dragoons and horse artillery, but the hussars have routed from the field. He is moving his command behind 1 corps to regroup them.


Move 1 – French - reserve (chip 6)

Orders: Hold

Out of artillery range

Unable to move forwards due to orders

Move 2 – French – 6 corps (chip 4)

Orders: Hold right flank
Fire on cavalry (roll 6), miss

Move 3 – French - Blind (chip 5)

Orders: Move to road on right of Helmstedt
Move to right and spotted

Place figures on the table
Move 4 – French - 4 corps (chip 2)

Orders: Hold Helmstedt

Fire on enemy square (roll 5) 1 hit

Square test morale (roll 5) fail, Shaken

Move 5 – Prussian – 2 corps (chip 9)

Orders : Halt

Await further orders from CinC

Move squares back out of artillery range

Move 6 – French – CinC

Change orders for 4 corps

Move to 6 corps

Move 7 – Poor Card

Move 8 – Prussian – 1 corps (chip 8)

Orders : Halt

Await further orders from CinC

Fire on guns (roll 5) and miss

Move 9 – Prussian – reserve (chip 12)

Orders : Rally behind 1 corps

Move routine dragoons away from supports
Move hussars behind 1 corps

Test morale for dragoons (roll 1), fail, continue Rout

Test morale for hussars (roll 3), pass, become Disordered

Test morale for artillery (roll 4), fail, remain Shaken

Move 10 – Prussian – CinC (chip 7)

Give move to 4 corps

Move 11 – Prussian – 4 corps (chip 11)

Orders : Engage Enemy

Move guns forward and unlimber

Move rear infantry forward

Move 12 – French – 5 corps (chip 3)

Orders: Hold left flank
Fire on gun (roll 3) miss

Move infantry forward to road

Move 13 – Prussian – 3 corps (chip 10)

Orders : Engage Enemy

Fire on infantry (roll 9) 1 hit

Infantry test morale (roll 1) fail and Rout

6 brigades are within 8" and must test morale

2 fail and are shaken, 6 pass and are ok


Left - 3 corps are secure and in a good position to take advantage of the enemy disorganisation. However they are on Hold orders and must wait for new orders to advance.

Left Centre - French cavalry reserve are also ready to attack, but again must wait for new orders from the CinC. The Prussians have withdrawn out of range of the artillery, and again they need new orders to advance.

Right centre - 13 corps were in reserve behind 4 corps. One brigade routed into them, causing a lot of disorder, fortunately none of them joined the rout

French right - 6 corps is also in a strong position on the right flank. The Prussian corps opposite them is very slow to advance. The CinC has just joined them, so perhaps they are about to receive new orders?

Prussian situation is improving
Recovering on the right flank, but still Shaken
Retreating in the centre, still awaiting orders
Advancing on the left and about to Engage

French are slow to react, still waiting for orders
Right flank secure
Centre waiting for orders to advance
Left flank waiting for orders to advance

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