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Demo Game - Move 8

Taken from the Prussian right flank. The Prussian centre has been pushed back, and the infantry are in squares. The Prussian reserve cavalry (nearest camera) have reformed and advanced to cover the guns, the gunners are moving back to man the guns. The French (right in photograph), apart from the reserve cavalry, have not yet received orders to move and engage the Prussians.


Best described as one of those battles when the French could do no wrong and the Prussians could do no right

Blucher is very concerned, the battle is going badly wrong

On his left his Poor 4 corps has refused to move 4 times

In his centre left 2 corps has halted his advance

In his centre right 3 corps are in disorder

On his right 1 corps is holding

On his far right cav reserve are rallying

His intention is to hold along his whole line

The French counter attack has started and it looks bad for the Prussians


1 corps will hold the right flank

Cavalry reserve will rally behind 1 corps

2 and 3 corps will hold the centre

4 corps will engage enemy on left flank

His intention is to hold his position until nightfall


Left - 4 corps have Engage orders. They are very slow to approach the enemy, partly because of the difficult terrain, partly because they keep missing a move due to their Poor commander.

Centre left - 2 corps have Halt orders due to French cavalry on their right front. They are moving their artillery and lancers to their right to counter this threat.

Centre right - 3 corps have Hold orders. Their infantry are all in square due to the approaching French cavalry. Their cavalry have rallied to Shaken, but are protected by the infantry square until they can rally fully.


Move 1 – Prussian – 1 corps (chip 8)

Orders: Halt

Move artillery to left to counter enemy cavalry and unlimber

Move 2 – Prussian – 3 corps (chip 10)

Orders: Halt

Infantry form square to counter enemy cavalry

Artillery limber and move behind squares

Move 3 – Prussian – 2 corps (chip 9)

Orders: Hold centre
French lancers declare opportunity charge on Shaken cuirassiers

Test to charge, roll 1, fail

Cuirassiers move back facing enemy

Infantry square moves to protect cuirassiers

Test morale for cuirassiers, roll 1, remain Shaken

Test morale for routing infantry, fail, continue rout

No friendly units within 8”, no morale tests

Move 4 – Prussian – CinC (chip 7)

Move to reserve cavalry and change orders to Engage

Move to 1 corps and change orders to Engage

Move 5 – Prussian right –reserve (chip 12)

Orders: Engage
Dragoons move forward to protect guns

Gunners move forward to man guns

Move 6 – French – 5 corps (chip 3)

Orders: Hold

Unlimber gun to counter enemy cavalry

Right hand infantry form square

Move 7 – French – 13 corps (chip 5)

Orders: Move to road

All infantry move to road

Move 8 – French – 6 corps (chip 4)

Orders: Engage

Artillery fire on guns (roll 5) miss

Infantry form column of attack and advance

Move 9 – French – CinC (chip 1)

Change 5 corps orders to Engage

Move to Shaken infantry brigade from 4 crops

Test morale, roll 2, fail remain Shaken

Move to 13 corps

Move 10 – French – 4 corps (chip 2)

Orders: Engage

Guns unlimber

Infantry move forward

Move 11 – French – reserve (chip 6)

Orders: Engage

All enemy infantry in square

Change orders to Halt

Move forward brigade back to form line

Unlimber artillery

Move 12 – Prussian – 4 corps (chip 11)

Orders: Engage

Artillery fire on cavalry (roll 7) 1 hit

Cavalry test morale (roll 5) pass

Infantry move forward through broken ground

Move 13 – Poor Card

All Poor commanders have already moved, no effect


Left - 5 corps have hold orders. They are expecting orders to advance, and their infantry have formed column of attack, and the artillery are limbered.

Left centre - Cavalry reserve have moved forward to attack the Prussian centre, their artillery are in support. The artillery from 4 corps have joined them, and one infantry brigade is in support of the guns.

Right centre - 4 corps have received Engage orders and are moving through Helmstedt (not the building has been removed to allow move measurements).

13 Corps (on the right) have orders to Move to the road, and are just reaching it. The CinC has arrived to give new orders to their commander.

Right - 6 corps have Engage orders. They are moving forward to engage the Prussians as they exit the broken ground.


Prussian situation greatly improved, mainly because they moved first

Left - Engage orders moving into position far edge of broken ground

Centre - Halt orders, but formed square and safe from cavalry

Right - Engage orders and ready to move forward

French still in strong position.

Cavalry arrived too late to attack Prussian centre

Left - orders arrived too late to advance

Centre - Engage orders and moving forward

Right - Engage orders and moving forward

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