Thursday, 28 May 2009

Demo Game - Move 9

Taken from Prussian right. The advantage is with the Prussians once more. On their right (nearest the camera) the reserve cavalry are on the flank of the French line and, supported by their artillery, ready to attack. The French CinC has halted his advance and changed his ordrs to Hold.


Prussian situation greatly improved, mainly because they moved first

Left - Engage orders moving into position far edge of broken ground

Centre - Halt orders, but formed square and safe from cavalry

Right - Engage orders and ready to move forward

French still in strong position.

Cavalry arrived too late to attack Prussian centre

Left - orders arrived too late to advance

Centre - Engage orders and moving forward

Right - Engage orders and moving forward


Right – 1 corps and cavalry will engage enemy

Centre - 2 and 3 corps will hold the centre

Left - 4 corps will engage enemy

His intention is to hold his position until nightfall


Left - 4 corps have orders to Engage and are advancing towards the enemy. Their forward brigades have cleared the broken ground and the artillery has unlimbered.

Centre left. 2 corps have Halt orders, but the CinC has just joined them to issue fresh orders.

Centre right. 3 corps are on Hold orders. They have been badly shaken and are still in square. Their cavalry have made their morale. The corps will soon be ready for offensive action.

Right. 1 corps is now on Engage orders. They have formed line ready to advance and their artillery has manhandled forward to engage enemey.

Cavalry reserve are also on Engage orders. The cavalry are now fully formed and the gunners have manned their guns.


Move 1 – French – 4 corps (chip 2)

Orders: Engage

Artillery fire on square (3) miss

Overshoot on limbered artillery (4) miss

Infantry advance out of Helmstedt

Rally Shaken infantry to Disordered

Move 2 – Prussian – 4 corps (chip 11)

Orders: Engage

Artillery fire on cavalry (6) miss

Infantry move forward and form line

Move 3 – French – 5 corps (chip 3)

Orders: Engage

Fire on artillery crew (12) 1 hit

Crew test morale (6) pass

Cavalry move towards Prussian cav

Prussians opportunity charge

Prussians roll 11, French cavalry rout

Support infantry test morale (6 & 6) both ok

Move 4 – Prussian – cavalry reserve (chip 12)

Orders: Engage

Gunners man guns

Cavalry Disordered, but turn to face enemy infantry

Move 5 – Poor card

Move 6 – Prussian – 1 corps (chip 8)

Orders: Engage

Infantry form line

Artillery manhandle forward

Move 7 – Prussian – 2 corps (chip 9)

Orders: Hold centre
Test to rally Shaken cavalry (8) pass and become Disordered

Move 8 – French – 13 corps (chip 5)

Orders: Engage

Miss move as Poor card in play

Move 9 – French – CinC (chip 1)

Too much to do to give move to 13 corps

Move to cavalry reserve change orders Withdraw to road

Move to 5 corps

Move 10 – French - 6 corps (chip 4)

Orders: Engage

Artillery fire on infantry column (4) miss

Commander change orders to Halt

Swop infantry with cavalry

Move 11 – Prussian – 3 corps (chip 11)

Orders: Halt

Move cavalry back to left flank

Unlimber artillery

Move 12 – French – reserve (chip 6)

Orders: Withdraw to road

Fire on square (11) 2 hits.

Square test morale (6) pass

Cavalry retreat half move facing enemy

Move 13 – Prussian – CinC (chip 7)

Move to 2 corps, change orders to Engage

Move to 3 corps, change orders to Engage


Left. 5 corps are on Engage orders but in serious trouble. Their cavalry have lost a melee with the Prussian hussars and are in rout. This has left their right flank vunerable to the enemy cavalry and artillery. They urgently need new orders.

Left centre. Cavalry reserve have received Withdraw orders and have moved back to the road, covered by their artillery.

Right centre. 4 corps are on Engage orders and have advanced beyond Helmstedt. With the changed situation they urgently need new orders.

13 corps are also on Engage orders but have missed their turn due to the Poor Card. The French CinC must urgently decide whether he wants to continue this advance.

Right. 6 corps orders have been changed to Hold, and they have withdrawn their cavalry behind the infantry to protect them from artillery fire.


Prussian situation greatly improved due to cavalry melee on right

French halt and take defensive position

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