Sunday, 31 May 2009

Rule 8 - Combat Quick Results

The infantry on the left are in square so that the gunners can evade to safety if charged by enemy cavalry.


This rule is to cover those times when a result is so obvious there is no need to wargame it.


Cavalry can not charge formed square

cavalry must half 4" from square

Infantry can not charge cavalry

If infantry column of march, line or square approach within 4”, cavalry must withdraw to maintain 4” distance.

Infantry Column of March contacted by cavalry

If infantry unable to change formation they will rout and lost 3 casualties

Limbered artillery contacted by cavalry

If artillery unable to evade they will be cut down and lose all guns

Deployed artillery charged by enemy

Gunners will evade if more than half move from enemy and supports within 4”.

The gunners will retreat behind supports or within square

If unable to do so they will be cut down and lose all guns

Routers contacted by enemy

All are lost

Brigade caught in flank or rear

If unable to turn and face enemy will rout and lose 3 casualties

Disordered after hand to hand combat

All troops are disordered after hand to hand combat

if not Shaken or in Rout

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