Sunday, 31 May 2009

Rule 6 - Opportunity Charge

Prussian cavalry on the right can opportunity charge French infantry because they start the move on their flank.


The purpose of Opportunity Charges is to allow cavalry to charge when they would naturally do so, even if their current orders do not allow a charge.
It is only avalable to formed cavalry who pass a test to do so
It can only be used during the opponents move
The target can react if far enough from cavalry and make morale


Who can charge

Only allowed during the enemy move
Formed cavalry only
No Pips required

What can be charged
Any Disordered or Shaken enemy
Any enemy in flank or rear
Cavalry in column
Infantry in column of march
Artillery limbered

Test to charge
Roll 1 d6 require 4 or more
Plus 1 A class Minus 1 C Class
Plus 1 Commander within 4” Minus 1 Poor commander
Plus 1 Charging flank or rear

Target Reaction
No reaction if cavalry are within half move
Evade if orders allow
Counter charge if formed cavalry
Change formation if formed and pass test
Turn to face if formed and pass test
Intercept if formed cavalry of the same corps and pass test

Test to react
Roll 1 d6 require 4 or more
Plus 1 A class Minus 1 C class
Plus 1 General within 4” Minus 1 Poor commander
Minus 1 Charged in flank or rear

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