Saturday, 30 May 2009

Summary of the Rules


This section will try to explain setting up a game and the flow of play, plus some comments on the rules themselves.


Allocate grade to each commander
A commander may be Gifted, Average or Poor
The grade must be allocated before the game starts

Allocate cavalry or artillery to reserve commander
Each army has a spare commander who may be used as a reserve commander if desired. He is allocated cavalry brigades or artillery from the other corps, and he becomes the reserve cavalry or artillery commander. This must be done before the game starts.

CinC write orders
Orders must be written for each corps, and reserve, commander before the game starts. Only CinC can change orders (except for Halt). The only orders allowed are:


all must move towards objective
cavalry can opportunity charge, artillery can fire


no movement towards the enemy

may move to improve defenc

cavalry can opportunity charge

artillery can fire


may not advance nor retreat
cavalry can charge enemy within 8”.

infantry may skirmish within 4” or volley fire within 2”


must move towards objective.
cavalry and infantry as Hold


must move towards objective

artillery must move to canister range

Cavalry and infantry must attack any enemy within range

Prepare blinds for hidden movement
Each corps enters the table as a “blind”. You may use either a card or a skirmish base. It should be the 6” wide.

Prepare identity cards or chips for each commander
Each commander has a card or chip to indicate who he is. I use playing chips for each commander. They would be numbered 1 to 12 to cover both armies.

Prepare movement cards or chips for each commander
I use a second set of chips, also numbered 1 to 12. One chip is drawn each move, and that commander then takes his move. In addition you need the following chips:

Poor - the next poor commander to have his chip picked has to forego his move

French tactical – one French general, still on a blind, who has not yet moved may do so

Allied gifted – one gifted allied general who has not yet moved may do so

French gifted – one gifted French general who has not yet moved may do so


At the start of the turn all chips are placed in a hat or box.
Draw one chip each move until all chips have been drawn
Put chips back in hat or box and repeat sequence
I allow 12 moves per day, but this is optional

1 - Draw chip for movement

2 - Dice for command pips

3 - If CinC chip write orders

4 - Dice to spot enemy blind

5 - Artillery fire

6 - Artillery casualties test morale

7 - Movement

8 - Resolve combats

9 - Test morale

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