Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Demo Game - Move 10

Taken from Prussian right. The French left flank has broken and the Prussian cavalry reserve are moving towards the centre. The rest of the Prussian army are deploying into column of attack to join the advance.


Prussian situation greatly improved due to cavalry melee on right

French halt and take defensive position


Right – 1 corps and cavalry will engage enemy

Centre - 2 and 3 corps will engage enemy

Left - 4 corps will engage enemy

His intention is to make one final push to defeat the French


Left. 4 corps is clearing the broken ground and advancing towards the French. The CinC has joined them to ensure that they presss home the attack.

Centre left. 2 corps have formed column of attack and are advancing towards Helmstedt

Centre right. 3 corps have formed column of attack and are advancing towards Helmstedt.

Right. The French left flank is in rout. The Prussian cavalry reserve and 1 corps are advancing into the gap left by the rout.


Move 1 – Prussian – CinC (chip 7)

Change 3 corps orders to Engage

Move to 4 corps

Move 2 – French – 4 corps (chip 2)

Orders: Engage

Change orders to Halt

Fire at square, roll 8, 1 hit

Prussian infantry make morale

Move 3 – Prussian – 4 corps (11)

Orders: Engage

Fire on infantry, roll 8, 1 hit

French Infantry make morale

All infantry move forward

Move 4 – French – 6 corps (chip 6)

Orders: Engage

Fire on infantry, roll 6, miss

Change orders to Halt

Move cavalry to left flank

Move 5 – French – 13 corps (chip 5)

Orders: Engage

Change orders to Halt

Infantry form line

Move 6 – Prussian – reserve (chip 12)

Orders: Engage

Canister infantry, roll 10, 2 hits

French Infantry fail morale, are Shaken

Cavalry charge and rout same square

2 French infantry and 1 gun test morale

1 French infantry rout, 1 infantry Shaken, Gun OK

Move 7 – Prussian – 1 corps (chip 8)

Orders: Engage

Infantry form column and advance

Artillery limber and advance

Move 8 – Poor Card

Move 9 – French – reserve (chip 6)

Orders: Withdraw

Fire on Shaken square, 1 hit, rout

3 Prussian infantry and 1 gun test morale

2 Prussian infantry and gun all Shaken

Artillery limber and withdraw

Move 10 – Prussian – 2 corps (chip 9)

Orders: Engage

Infantry form column and advance

Move 11 – Prussian – 3 corps (chip 10)

Orders: Engage

Fire on infantry, 1 hit, make morale

Rally infantry

Gun still shaken

Infantry rout continues

Move 12 – French – CinC (chip 1)

Move to reserve change orders to Hold

Move 13 – French – 5 corps (chip 3)

Orders: Hold

1 infantry and gun Rout

1 infantry and cavalry Shaken


Left. most of 5 corps is in rout and the left flank is broken

Centre left. The cavalry reserve has retreated to the road. the left hand brigade has turned to face the broken left flank.

Right centre. 13 Corps have reached the road and are taking up a defensive position.

Right. 6 corps are deployed either side of the T junction and waiting for the Prussian attack


Prussians now in strong position and all advance

3 corps Shaken due to 1 infantry rout

French have all halted

Left flank has broken and is in rout

Desperately need night fall to save them

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