Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Rule 17 - Morale Test

The infantry brigade in the foreground has made its test when in Rout and become Shaken. Next move it will have to test its morale again, and if it passes again it will become Disordered. The brigade behind it, with a green D, is Disordered. At the end of this entire move (when all corps have had their turn) all Disordered brigades automatically become Formed again.

Brigades who receive artillery casualties must test morale immediately. All other morale tests are at the end of the corps move. Any brigade in Rout or Shaken must test morale. Any brigade within 4" of a brigade which Routs must test their morale.


Automtic Rout

Brigades or batteries will rout without testing morale when casualties reach:

Infantry 6 casualties

Cavalry 4 casualties

Artillery 3 casualties

Grades of Morale


Disordered removed at end of sequence

Shaken must rally to become Disordered

Rout must rally to become Shaken

When to test

Brigades or batteries must test if:

Receive artillery casualties

Rout of friendly brigade within 4”



How to test

Roll 1 d6 :

Plus 1 - Class A

Plus 1 - General attached

Plus 1 - Supports within 4”

Plus 1 - In BUA

Plus 1 - Behind formed supports

Minus 1 - Class C
Minus 1 - No general within 8”

Minus 1 - Each casualty
Minus 1 - No supports within 8”

Minus 1 - Rout within 4”

Minus 1 - Routed through

Minus 1 - Disordered or pursuit

Minus 2 Rout or Shaken

Result of test

3 + Make morale

1-2 Shaken

0 - Rout

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