Monday, 1 June 2009

Rule 10 - Combat inside BUA

French defenders (top) have lost first melee and withdrawn Shaken with two casualties. Prussians are disordered with one casualty. Note buildings have been removed to resolve combat inside farm. The base represents the area covered by the farm, not the building placed on top of it.

Combat inside BUA may be when two brigades meet inside
Or it may be when the defenders have been pushed back, but not routed
A scenery base is recommended as it is necessary to measure within BUA
Only one brigade per side is allowed inside BUA
Note that the player with the higher combat factor can still lose the combat



Only infantry and must have Attack or Engage orders

One brigade each side

When infantry meet inside, or garrison forced to retire from edge

Combat Factors
Plus 1 - Class A
Plus 1 - Skirmish A
Minus 1 - Class C
Minus 1 - Skirmish C
Minus 1 - Each casualty
Minus 1 - Disordered
Minus 2 - Shaken

Winner roll 2 d6
plus difference in Combat Factors

Total 2 -3
Winner: Routs
Winner: 3 casualties
Loser : 1 casualty

Total 4-5
Winner: retires 4” Shaken
Winner: 2 casualties
Loser: 1 casualty

Total 6-7
Draw both Disordered
Winner: 1 casualty
Loser: 1 casualty

Total 8-9
Loser: retires 4” Shaken
Winner: 1 casualty
Loser: 2 casualty

Total 10 +
Loser: Routs
Winner: 1 casualty
Loser: 3 casualty

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